Furlough day #2 (Baby Thowing)

Ive decided not to use this space today to talk about the negative aspects of our government.  I saw the latest polls, and it seems we are all on the same page.  I did however come up with a new Olympic sport called baby thowing.

Now, there will be rules. I’m thinking of setting up something very similar to an Olympic shot-put set-up (Mike is working on getting official dimensions). At the other side we’ll have a blanket for them to land on, because it’s about fun, not hurting baby’s. And, Aaron will be waiting out in the field to coddle them, should the damn whiners cry or something.

Also, before Tim and Scott  jump in with their racism, we’re just going to use white babies. I don’t want to open up the floodgates and have you two spew your nonsense about how “Dominican babies are more aerodynamic, Spanish bounce better….” etc. You guys go ahead and start your own blog for that racism; for this circumstance its an average, 6mo, baby. 

And yeah, we get it Pat, you’ve actually read up on throwing baby’s and know which technique should be used, you’re the most qualified to throw a baby, etc, etc, etc, yap, yap, yap.

Also, just to clarify… these have to be live babies.  We can not be savages and use dead babies.  Using a dead babies would also be an issue under Aaron’s probation. 

Alright, now that we’ve removed the sticks, stems and seeds lets get down to copper tariffs here. How far could you throw a baby?

My records 42 feet…no bounce.



I wonder if…

I wonder if…The new Wolverine movies UK premiere willl have adamantium claws that are yellow and poorly taken care of?

I wonder if… Boston Bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev pleads not guilty, hoping to move trial to Florida?

I wonder if… The trailer for Calvin and Hobbes documentary will feature Calvin pissing on entire Family Circus?

I wonder if…When Detroit files for Bankruptcy, Feds confiscate Eminem… but let Detroit keep Kid Rock?

I wonder if…When Chris Matthews speaks on behalf of all white people again, will he claim “We love Frozen Yogurt.”?




Every day we all deal with someone who tends to exaggerate the truth when talking about certain aspects of thier life.  For most, it may be the fish that got away or even the great deal they got while buying a car.  I’ve been known to exaggerate the truth when I’m trying to prove a point… it happens.  I’ve noticed lately that some people exaggerate the truth without knowing the audience, or the subject matter they are speaking to.  When people do this, it only makes them seem foolish.

I work at an Army hospital in Logistics and part of my job is working with Controlled Substances for an Army community of 6,500 soldiers and their families.  Daily we hear patients claim they are in a dire condition, only to learn later that they slightly exaggerated their condition and all that was required was a Band-Aid and a hug.   These types of experiences do make it difficult to respond accordingly when a person’s only symptom is pain.   

While at a doctor’s appointment yesterday for a chronic pain condition I have. Near the end of the examination, the doctor and I were talking about the different medications I could take.  She knows the type of work I do, and she asked if I had any issues with getting Hydrocodone (Vicoden)?  She stated she has a hard time prescribing this medication due to the overwhelming population that claim they need 20+ pills a day to manage their pain.  I was shocked, because with my condition I can get by and function with 2-4 pills a day when having an episode.  I stated that a person that claims they need 20+ to manage pain is probably a junkie.  This medication that normally costs $70.00 can fetch almost $2000.00 on the streets. Sadly, she told me that I would be surprised at how many junkies are in our community. Unfortunately these exaggerated claims of needing so many pills a day to manage pain has made it very difficult for a person who has a legitimate need for it, to actually get it.

What some people do not realize is the exaggeration or little white lie they tell people does have a domino effect.  Maybe not directly, but it does start to snowball.  It can have negative impact on people you don’t even know.

Stepping off my soapbox now.

A trial by jury

Today at work, the topic of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin trial was brought up.  I found it fascinating on how divided the opinions were in the room about the innocent/guilt or somewhere in between.  It seemed everybody had thier take on what the jury should have concluded.  Some though that George Zimmerman got away with the unthinkable and others though Trayvon Martin was a gang banger who deserved what he received.  It was definetly polarized.

Now I am willing to admit that I did not follow the trial and I have no opinion one way or the other. Without being in the courtroom and seeing all the evidence and listening to all of the witness testamony, and to rely on second had information either from the media or other co-workers to form an opinion is not how I try to derive fact from fiction.  I’ve alway been skeptical of the media; it seems they tell you things only to “shock” the nation.  As the State Farm commercial points out “If it’s on the internet, it must be true”, but yet we base some of life’s’ toughest decisions on what we hear/read in the media.

I propose that instead of these high price trials with a small jury making informed decisions on the guilt/innocence of the accused, we make it more availible to the entire nation.  Maybe a game show or even Reality T.V., where people could dial in one number for guilty and another number for innocent.  The cellular companies could chard for each vote cast.  It could be like American Idol where the host would say, “We will here nations verdict…… after the commercial break”.

Wouldn’t that be fun!


Today is my first day of the government mandated furlough for Department of Defense workers.  This furlough is to punish the policy makers in Washington D.C. for not reasonably cutting the Defense budget.  So because our Congress and Senate can not play nice, the American working class gets punished.

For those who do not understand what this is, over 800,000 Department of Defense workers are forced to take 1 day a week of leave without pay for 11 weeks.  This is a 20% pay reduction… because our elected leaders could not find another way to cut Defense spending.  This will be devastating to some, but luckily for me I have some savings that should bring me through the 11 week period.  Unfortunately I have some employees that can not say the same.  One person who works for me is top notch & dependable and is also a mother of 4 small children, I fear that she will find other employment.  I wouldnt try to stop her though, because she is doing what her family needs her to do.

I wonder why it’s come down to this?  Our leaders couldn’t find any other way to cut spending?  By just scanning the internet I learned that the United States has pumped $90 billion into the Afghanistan infrastructure and will commit to spending another $100 million annually for 10 years to train the Afghan people to maintain this infrastructure.  This is for a country that just wants the United States to leave.  As a whole, I don’t believe the Afghanis care about having a sophisticated infrastructure.  Im sure we could having saved a bit there.  I also saw that the US was giving Egypt 1.5 Billion annually to support the democratic government that was established.  After several months, the democratic government failed and has been taken over by the Egyptian Military.  I bet we could have save a bit there too.

I guess its better to punish the people who support these questionable decisions that to punish decision makers.  NOT 1 member of Congress or the Senate included in the furlough.  That is a damn shame. They have opted to degrade the health care of the American service members who have been deployed in back to back conflicts in Iraq & Afghanistan since 2003 and their families.  But, I guess there is no other way to save money.

I am concerned about our future!