A trial by jury

Today at work, the topic of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin trial was brought up.  I found it fascinating on how divided the opinions were in the room about the innocent/guilt or somewhere in between.  It seemed everybody had thier take on what the jury should have concluded.  Some though that George Zimmerman got away with the unthinkable and others though Trayvon Martin was a gang banger who deserved what he received.  It was definetly polarized.

Now I am willing to admit that I did not follow the trial and I have no opinion one way or the other. Without being in the courtroom and seeing all the evidence and listening to all of the witness testamony, and to rely on second had information either from the media or other co-workers to form an opinion is not how I try to derive fact from fiction.  I’ve alway been skeptical of the media; it seems they tell you things only to “shock” the nation.  As the State Farm commercial points out “If it’s on the internet, it must be true”, but yet we base some of life’s’ toughest decisions on what we hear/read in the media.

I propose that instead of these high price trials with a small jury making informed decisions on the guilt/innocence of the accused, we make it more availible to the entire nation.  Maybe a game show or even Reality T.V., where people could dial in one number for guilty and another number for innocent.  The cellular companies could chard for each vote cast.  It could be like American Idol where the host would say, “We will here nations verdict…… after the commercial break”.

Wouldn’t that be fun!


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