Every day we all deal with someone who tends to exaggerate the truth when talking about certain aspects of thier life.  For most, it may be the fish that got away or even the great deal they got while buying a car.  I’ve been known to exaggerate the truth when I’m trying to prove a point… it happens.  I’ve noticed lately that some people exaggerate the truth without knowing the audience, or the subject matter they are speaking to.  When people do this, it only makes them seem foolish.

I work at an Army hospital in Logistics and part of my job is working with Controlled Substances for an Army community of 6,500 soldiers and their families.  Daily we hear patients claim they are in a dire condition, only to learn later that they slightly exaggerated their condition and all that was required was a Band-Aid and a hug.   These types of experiences do make it difficult to respond accordingly when a person’s only symptom is pain.   

While at a doctor’s appointment yesterday for a chronic pain condition I have. Near the end of the examination, the doctor and I were talking about the different medications I could take.  She knows the type of work I do, and she asked if I had any issues with getting Hydrocodone (Vicoden)?  She stated she has a hard time prescribing this medication due to the overwhelming population that claim they need 20+ pills a day to manage their pain.  I was shocked, because with my condition I can get by and function with 2-4 pills a day when having an episode.  I stated that a person that claims they need 20+ to manage pain is probably a junkie.  This medication that normally costs $70.00 can fetch almost $2000.00 on the streets. Sadly, she told me that I would be surprised at how many junkies are in our community. Unfortunately these exaggerated claims of needing so many pills a day to manage pain has made it very difficult for a person who has a legitimate need for it, to actually get it.

What some people do not realize is the exaggeration or little white lie they tell people does have a domino effect.  Maybe not directly, but it does start to snowball.  It can have negative impact on people you don’t even know.

Stepping off my soapbox now.


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